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Eriqua is a Lithuanian born artist living in the United Kingdom. She is a singer-songwriter, composer, pianist and performer. Eriqua has been performing and playing piano in various concerts since she was 7 years old. After graduating from School of Music and University Eriqua has written and recorded her 65-piece symphony at the world famous Abbey Road Studios alongside such composers as Mike Moran and Graham Walker. She was voted to be in the top 20 MTV UK Brand New Best Unsigned Artists in 2013. Since then she was collaborating and recording songs for films with a Grammy winning producer Isaac Nossel. At this moment Eriqua is writing and recording her new songs.


My new album ‘Madness’ is now available on Amazon and itunes. Click on the album cover on the right to find out more >>

Upcoming Events:

October 1st – Los Angeles

October 22nd – London

Novmeber 4th – Lithuania

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